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Legal Contracts & Necessities

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Feeling stressed about whether you need to hire an attorney for your LLC and Contracts? Not sure whether you should get a scheduling software or what to do with a CRM? Let me take all of the confusion off your shoulders with my online program. This particular program takes from my "Start a dog training Business on a Budget" 🔍 Explore What's Included in My Comprehensive Program: 📝 4 Liability Contract and Policy Templates Specific to Pet Professionals and Dog Trainers 🏢 Learn How to File your LLC for free For many dog trainer's figuring out how to ensure your business is in line with the legal can feel overwhelming and like it will cost thousands. That's why I've broken down step by step what you'll need and provide specific templates and examples you can use for your own training business! My comprehensive program takes from my 8 years of professional experience both in the dog industry and the legal world to provide you with the all the resources you wish you had when you started and the ones I wish I had! It's okay that you don't have tons of money to blow on a program that might not even cover everything you need, mine will with half the cost.

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