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I'm Revealing the #1 Reason world renowned Dog Trainers use In-home lessons and what you need to get AWARD WINNING lessons!

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Get my most popular program "Private Lessons: Masterclass" with Templates and Explanations for you to use!

Use code "AWARD" for your special offer of 50% off 

A $700 value!

I'll teach you how to get clients to book multiple sessions 

I'll teach you how to price yourself competitively 

I'll teach you what exactly to cover in each session

I'll teach you how to get clients to follow through and write amazing reviews 


"Brianna's Masterclass has completely changed the way I set up my training business. For about a year, I'd struggled to get things off the ground with consistent clients. Now I have a 1 month waitlist for new lessons and I started this a few months ago!"

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"Stop reading, go to her resources. I followed Brianna for a while on IG before I bit the bullet and decided to purchase her online program. There is so much info I hadn't even considered when I started my training business. Def recommend!"

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