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5 Things your Homepage Needs

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Got a website but are struggling to figure how you can use to gain leads? You're not alone. Maybe you've searched for advice and found it lacking, or perhaps you've borrowed inspiration from your favorite influencers. The result? Lackluster homepage content.

As a professional website creator, I've seen many fantastic small businesses with great products, but their homepage is missing the mark, costing them sales. Your website is no longer just about showcasing your product; it's about clarity, customer focus, and guiding potential buyers.

Ready to revamp your website? Here are 5 crucial elements your homepage needs to boost revenue:


1. A CLEAR “BUY NOW” BUTTON: If there is ONE thing that you can change on your website TODAY, right now, this is it: Give the people a way to easily buy from you. Don’t make them work to figure out how to give you their money because, newsflash, we are lazy creatures and getting lazier by the year (Uber Eats for McDonald's anyone?). If someone has to do some digging to figure out how to work with you, you are literally leaving money on the table.

2. ANSWER TO CUSTOMER’S QUESTION: Your homepage has to answer your customer's most pressing question: What can you do for ME? The above-the-fold space should be reserved for the answer to your customer's MOST pressing question: What can YOU do for THEM?

3. GIVE A GLIMPSE INTO YOUR PROCESS: Your potential customers NEED a brief overview of how you're going to get them from where they are now to a happily solved problem thanks to your process. This is especially important for non-traditional and online businesses. They may not know how you, as a business coach or a photographer, solve their problems and add value to their life.

4. HIGHLY VALUABLE FREEBIE: Your homepage NEEDS a high-value freebie. Email marketing is about a bajillion times more effective than social media. So, smart small business owners need to take every opportunity to build their email list with a high-value freebie.

5. GIVE CUSTOMERS LANGUAGE TO TALK ABOUT YOU: Strategically craft a 1-sentence summary of what you actually do and what problem you actually solve. This helps your customers CLEARLY understand what you do for them and gives them the language to talk about YOU to their friends. It's a win-win!

Bonus Tip: Sprinkle some social proof on your homepage! Whether you've been featured somewhere or have received stellar reviews, incorporate a few on your homepage—just don't overdo it. Potential customers want to know if you've delivered success for others, so select testimonials carefully.

I understand that running a business and crafting a website can be daunting. But trust me, taking the time to ensure your homepage boasts these 5 essential elements is well worth the effort.

If you're still pondering what to say on your website, feel free to reach out to schedule a chat. Let's see if I can help you create website that exudes confidence. Even if we don't end up collaborating, consider these recommendations your "must-have list" for enhancing your homepage. Don't leave money on the table—transform your website to work in your favor!

Brianna Dick

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