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Business Coaching 
(start, growth & strategy)

Making Your Business Visible

Visibility is crucial for your business. If potential customers can’t find you, little else matters. Many business owners are unsure where to start with their marketing plan. Some post on social media without a clear strategy, while others spend substantial money on paid advertising without understanding how those ads fit into an overall customer acquisition and onboarding process.

Holistic Marketing Planning tailored to You

I advocate for creating a marketing plan that leverages low-cost and free resources before considering paid advertisements. More than often you don't have the time or energy or even desire to live online attempting to 'market" yourself, so don't. Your social media should reflect your personality; you don’t need to post excessively to maintain an effective presence. Instead, focus on a well-thought-out strategy where we synergize your entire business practices to "market" for you.

Dog Behavior & Training


Have you questioned your day-to-day planning and management of board and train programs? Have you ever felt uncertain about what to cover in each private lesson? Maybe you're looking to launch one of these programs and want to ensure you offer a service that distinguishes you from your competitors. Have you tried to replicate a group class based on a friend's or mentor's approach, only to find it didn't quite work for you?

I have dedicated significant time to perfecting the creation of efficient and highly effective training programs. A well-structured class or program not only enhances your results but also optimizes your time and increases client satisfaction and commitment. This expertise has enabled me to build a stable and highly profitable business, while maintain client satisfaction.

Website design & automation

Don't overcomplicate it! Websites often only need functionality and beauty. It doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Let me make you a site that's tailored specific to your business desires. 

Not sure which option is the best?

Reach out to us directly so we can find a program that fits your budget and your needs.

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